The Whole Shot: Collected Interviews with Greogry Corso

Used with permission, Tough Poets Publishing

Used with permission, Tough Poets Publishing

Thanks to Richard Schober for information about his upcoming book, The Whole Shot: Collected Interviews with Gregory Corso – Tough Poets Publishing (ordering info). This looks to be a wholly remarkable book for anyone’s Beat library.

Release date: Fall 2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 204
Dimensions: 8.3″ x 5.8″ x 0.4″
Editor: Rick Schober

Description: Thirteen interviews with Beat poet Gregory Corso (1930–2001) that span the most productive years of his career: from 1955, when his first collection of poems was published, to 1982, the year following the publication of his last book of all new poetry. Foreword by Dick Brukenfeld, publisher of Corso’s The Vestal Lady on Brattle and Other Poems (1955), that recounts the poet’s early days in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and as a “stowaway” on the Harvard University campus.

“The most important of the Beat poets. He was a really true poet with an original voice, probably the most lyrical of those poets.”
— Nancy Peters, co-owner of City Lights Books

“Corso is a poet’s Poet, his verse pure velvet, close to John Keats for our time, exquisitely delicate in manners of the Muse.”
— Allen Ginsberg

“… a tough young kid from the Lower East Side who rose like an angel over the rooftops and sang Italian songs as sweet as Caruso and Sinatra, but in words.”
— Jack Kerouac

“He has left us two legacies: a body of work that will endure for its beauty, discipline, and influential energy; and his human qualities.”
— Patti Smith

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