The Whole Shot: Collected Interviews With Gregory Corso

Rick Schober of  Vox Redux Press is putting together a book slated for publication later this year that will have eight out-of-print and lengthy interviews with Gregory Corso, along with other interviews, including:

  • “Interview with Gregory Corso” by Michael Andre, Unmuzzled Ox (1973)
  • “I’m Poor Simple Human Bones: An Interview with Gregory Corso” by Robert King, The Beat Diary (1977)
  • The Riverside Interviews 3: Gregory Corso by Gavin Selerie (1982)
  • “Humor the Butcher: Interview with Gregory Corso” by Victor Brockis, The Drummer (1973)
  • “Interview with Gregory Corso” by Douglas Calhoun, Athanor (1973)
  • Transcript of Corso’s appearances in the documentary film What Happened to Kerouac? by Richard Lerner and Lewis MacAdams (1986)

For more information, check out, the book project page, where you can also pledge to support the book. Rick has the support of author Bill Morgan, Ginsberg’s estate, and film producer Richard Lerner, among others.

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