I’m currently helping Michael Rothenberg create the blog for ROCKPILE, which is a collaboration between David Meltzer — poet, musician, essayist, and more — and Michael Rothenberg of Big Bridge Press. David and Michael will journey through eight cities in the U.S. to perform poetry and prose, composed while on the road, with local musicians and artists in each city.

ROCKPILE will serve to educate and preserve as well as to create a history of collaboration. It will help to reinforce the tradition of the troubadour of all generations, central to the cultural upheaval and identity politics that reawakened poets, artists, musicians, and songwriters in the mid-1960s through the 1970s. The project will end with a final multimedia performance in San Francisco.

I’ll add the link later when the site gets up, but for now if you have a Facebook account, join the group. This sounds like a great tour, and though I believe that the eight-city tour doesn’t start until this fall, there are several preamble workshops, readings, and performances leading up to it, throughout this spring and summer. The April 12th preamble performance is at Bird & Beckett in San Francisco. Directions and more info is at their site.

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