The passing of Robert La Vigne


Robert La Vigne, copyright Larry Keenan

Sadly I could not find any news of Robert’s death in the media, but did get emails about it from Michael Jaworski, Latif Harris, Anne Waldman, and others. Robert La Vigne, artist, passed away February 20th from a stroke.

I worked with Michael Rothenberg to create “The Artist’s Life as a Work in Progress” at Big Bridge several years ago. This is a wonderful illustration of his life and thoughts as an artist. Around that time I also was putting together an online art gallery for Larry Keenan, who said:

Robert LaVigne is one of the few Beat artists that was aligned with the Beat poets. Besides his own work he did poster art and graphics for Allen Ginsberg and others. In this photograph he is talking about his huge nude painting of Peter Orlovsky hanging on the wall behind me. The next time I viewed his painting of Orlovsky, thirty years later, it was hanging in the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.”

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