Edie Parker Kerouac

Edie met Jack through a mutual friend and former merchant marine buddy of Kerouac’s: Henry Cru. When Henry returned to sailing, he asked Jack to keep an eye on Edie. What followed was a love affair and a pregnancy (although because Edie was not sure who the father was–Henry or Jack–she did not follow through with giving birth. During the confusion, Edie became a roommate with Joan Adams (who later married William Burroughs), and this time period proved a central part of gatherings at Edie’s and Joan’s with Lucien Carr, Allen Ginsberg, and William Burroughs, to name a few. Later Edie and Jack did get married, but their marriage split up, with no hard feelings on either part. Edie and Jack continued to keep in touch. She later remarried, but on publication of On the Road attempted to reconcile with Jack, having missed the beat life.

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