Old David Meltzer video

I could listen to this song forever. It’s so beautiful. I’ve recently been listening to some of David Meltzer’s poetry readings, and he’s such a great person it would seem, though I have personally never met him.

Richard Olafson recently shared this song on Facebook, and wrote:

David Meltzer, one of the original members of the Beat Generation, will be appearing at the Pacific Festival of the Book in Victoria, BC. This is an album he did in the mid-sixties and was voted one of the best albums of the year in 1967 by Rolling Stone Magazine (a year that saw the release of so many groundbreaking albums, the Doors, the Airplane, etc.) This is notable for Meltzer’s exquisite jazz guitar. He did so much more, though, in poetry, jazz, criticism, ideas. He is probably the link between the Beats and our own generation.

Hopefully with the help of M. Rothenberg, I can get a decent bio for David up soon. Some of my old bios disappeared through all the moving around between southern California, Kansas City, Indiana, and now Vancouver, BC.

More of David’s readings are here.

I think I’ll listen to that song again…

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