Neat Litkicks mystery spot

Levi Asher doesn’t look old, but he’s an established cornerstone when it comes to documenting the beats and other literary movements on the web. When I started my site, his had already been around for possibly a decade. I think we both remember when the internet came to be, and those old subterranean and other newsgroups (I recall the earliest trolling and felt intimidated by those newsgroups!), and though it doesn’t seem like that long ago, there sure have been a lot of changes in the way info is presented. Anyway, his site, has really evolved from when I remember it before, and he’s expanded quite a bit. I can get some of the updates via Facebook so noticed his A Little Country Village Mystery Spot 3, which offered a little bright spot in my day. I love mysteries, even small ones. I have no idea if my guess was right or even close. Go check it out.

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