Moon Willow Press launch

I’m launching Moon Willow Press on January 1. The press is starting out as an editorial service, and publication of books (other than e-books) will begin in late 2010 or 2011. The first e-book is online. It’s not beat-related, but is a children’s book, to kick off the “$4.00 e-book” experimental avenue, which I hope to eventually work into a special, periodic incentive for people to buy cheap books of good read quality that will help to fund the press as well as support forest-friendly organizations.

Editing and proofreading: My rates are low compared to all other editorial services that I’ve researched, and because this is a start-up business, I have a few incentives for people to establish client relationships with me, including a free author review second pass and discounted services for anyone publishing at Moon Willow Press. See the site for more details, including my background and experience.

Paper publishing: Moon Willow will focus publications on non-fiction books related to climate change, sustainable living, ecosystem preservation, and other environmental issues. We will also publish about 20% fiction and poetry. MWP will print on-demand, use forest-friendly and FSC-certified paper only, and offer e-book alternatives when the author is agreeable.

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