James Joyce Symposium, 2010

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On behalf of the International James Joyce Foundation, we invite you to the XXII International James Joyce Symposium in the “Golden City” of Prague, 13-18 June 2010.

Prague is at the centre of Europe as Joyce is at the centre of the tradition of European modernism, and it is fitting that the major European author of the twentieth century be honoured in the city that is the very heart of modern Europe.

In lieu of a theme, we propose that a meeting of minds such as this one should be a type of feast, a “symposium,” as Plato has it-a “drinking together.” 2010 marks the first time the International Joyce Symposium has travelled to the heart of Europe. We are reminded, as the Symposium’s odyssey continues into its XXII edition, of the need to reconsider of the universality of Joyce and the European idea upon which his work was founded, and the post-European world in which it continues to be received. A feast of nations, of cultures, of languages and literary traditions. As political and economic union brings more and more people together, nevertheless the Europe of Joyce faces the ongoing threat of resurgent nationalisms. The modernity of Europe and of the European culture Joyce assisted in imagining is one that requires an ongoing, creative intellectual vigilance. Revisionism threatens to rob Joyce’s European heritage of its universal aspirations and reinstate a type of academic provincialism. This applies equally to the ongoing project of literary modernity for which Joyce remains a contemporary interlocutor.

Proposals for individual papers of 20 minutes duration are welcome on any aspect of Joyce studies, especially those that focus on the relationship of Joyce to Prague and the heritage of Central European modernism in the arts, philosophy and theory-particularly the legacies of structuralism and the Prague linguistic circle.

All paper proposals must be submitted individually, by completing the required fields in the symposium Registration form (https://secure.cbttravel.cz/jamesjoyce10/registration-online.php).

Extended deadline for submission of proposals: 15 April 2010

Programme specials include welcoming reception at the Karolinum Ceremonial Hall, Charles University, several book launches and an exhibition opening, the Bloomsday symposium banquet (at the Pilsen Restaurant, Municipal House, Prague), and the closing Vltava River boat cruise.

Plenaries include Prof. Daniel Ferrer, Prof. David Hayman, and Prof. Marjorie Perloff, representing the academic side of the reception of Joyce´s work, and Karen MacCormack, Steve McCaffery, and Tom McCarthy, who will speak as contemporary writers about Joyce´s legacy and influence on experimental literature.

A volume of Symposium proceedings will be published by Litteraria Pragensia, before the end of 2011.

Contact: jamesjoyce2010@gmail.com
Website: http://www.jamesjoyce.cz

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