Jack Magazine: Final Issue

Welcome to Jack’s final issue: http://www.jackmagazine.com/

This is the end of a decade-long run of the magazine. In the future I may open up a page for commenting or self-publishing dependent on moderation, but I am not sure yet. It depends on time. I have currently begun working full time with Fraser Riverkeeper in Vancouver, and also opened Moon Willow Press, which will start its publishing early next year. Spread the word for those interested in publishing non-fictional or fictional pieces relating to the environment and nature.

In Jack’s final issue, we go on journeys. We feature Francis Raven’s “A Community’s Habitat” and a compilation of excerpts of “ROCKPILE On the Road” with Michael Rothenberg, David Meltzer, and Terrie Carrión. The magazine is illustrated by a slide-gallery of art by Andrew Abbott, Jeff Crouch, Diana Magallón, Jillian Piccirilli, Johnnie Day Durand, and Valery Oisteanu.

Fiction and non-fiction works include those by Anthony Wright, Bart Plantenga (part of the Beer Mystic pub crawl), Clara Hume, Zdravka Evtimova, Michael Graves, Dr. Gerald Keaney, David Madgalene, Stephen Muret, Valery Oisteanu, Julio Peralta-Paulino, Spencer Bilodeau, Cece Chapman, Ae Reiff, and William Sands.

Poetry is by Daniel Ari, Marcia Arrieta, M Bromberg, Landon Brown, Michael Estabrook, Vernon Frazer, Tom Hibbard, Carlos Hiraldo, Thomas McDade, Rodney Nelson, rob mclennan, Sheila Murphy, Ashok Niyogi, Farida Samerkhanova, Kamiblue, Dee Sunshine, Charles D. Tarlton, and Jon Watson.

Video is by Cecelia Chapman and Donna Kuhn.

Enjoy and keep it touch! Thanks for all your support, readership, and contributions throughout the past several years!

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