Infernal Drums, a new must-read novel

Hey everyone, my new small press, Moon Willow Press, is publishing its first print title, Infernal Drums, by Anthony Wright, at the end of April. I have no doubt I’ll remind everyone again when the book ships (around April 21st) and will be ready for order.

Infernal Drums is the most exciting book I’ve read for some time, and I am not being biased here. I have been extremely lucky to have gotten to know author Anthony Wright, an Australian native who now lives in Mexico with his great & lovely wife and children. Anthony seems to have lived that sort of exciting life that I can only dream of or read about. I’m really honored that Anthony chose MWP to publish with; his writing is literary, fun, and reminiscent of some classic road and travel fiction I believe we’re all familiar with.

His previous e-book collection of short stories, Smoke Ghosts & Other Outré Tales, is testament to Anthony’s travel and life experiences, humor, and compassionate nature for people and the environment. Ordering  info and a downloadable sample is available here.

“In an extremely imaginative and well-written collection of vignettes from travels to adventurous non-tourist destinations, Australian Anthony Wright has invoked Burroughs, Bowles, Dostoyevsky, Kerouac, and even to some degree Joyce as he searches out the sacred and profane of contemporary society.”

-Tom Hibbard, poet and author

Infernal Drums is Anthony’s first fictional novel, set in Mexico during the 1990s, that explores the occult, along with the spiritual awakening of protagonist Jonah Burns, a writer and romantic. Infernal Drums is an edgy, offbeat, literary road novel that transmutes into a genre-splitting odyssey.

Infernal Drums takes the reader on a guided tour into the festering underworld of the drugwar-torn Mexico recent headlines have taught us all to fear.  Anthony Wright knows his way around this seedy battlefield.

-William Hjortsberg, author/screenwriter of Falling Angel (Angel Heart) and Legend

Moon Willow Press is a new small press in Port Moody, British Columbia and works to give back to the environment in order to offset materials used in publishing. The publisher has signed the Book Treatise on Environmentally Responsible Publishing and is a member of  Green Press Initiative.  MWP prints only post-consumer and FSC-certified fiber, contracts with printers using totally chlorine-free print processes, and donates a portion of profits to Eco-Libris: Plant a tree for every book you read and other non-profits working to preserve and restore forests around the world.

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