Joan Haverty

Joan and Jack Kerouac met, were married two weeks later, and their marriage lasted eight months. In the meantime, she became pregnant by Jack. Nine months later, and after their divorce, she gave birth to Jan Kerouac.

Sadly, Jack never accepted the responsibility of a daughter, and although he met Jan much later, and talked with her some, he never included Jan in his life. After the divorce from Jack, Joan was on the road herself, moving from state to state in the Pacific Northwest. She remarried in the fifties and had three more children. Jack described her this way: “She really knows how to write from instinct & innocence. Few women can do this…. I see me & her cutting around the world in tweeds, yass…” She wrote endlessly about her life and later termed herself “Nobody’s Wife.” She is “Laura” in On the Road.

2 thoughts on “Joan Haverty

  1. When did this get started and how to find the beginning pieces and the index if either exists?

    When … in what year and under what pressure … did Jack abandon the names Jack and Neal for the names Sal and Dean, in On The Road?

    What did Jack (famously, but I cannot recall it) say of his book The Town And The City, in the hands of Bob Giroux … that he took a great something of a novel? Do you have the quote?


    Allen Tobias
    Brooklyn ,NY

    I knew Jack slightly and worked with Allen Ginsberg in the 60s, in fact was the first of his secretaries.

  2. I’d suggest reading THE PORTABLE BEAT READER by Ann Charters, which I was delving into over a decade ago when writing summaries for this site.

    As per your other question, Gordon Ball’s art gallery is here and is credited. See the art gallery link to the right. Thanks.

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