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Feel free to contact me about adding any brief bios of others I haven’t included, corrections, or overall suggestions.

Unless otherwise noted, I wrote all the biographies and other material on-site. Please credit Mary Sands Woodbury and the site when needing a reference.

This site used to be a full-time hobby but is now something I update when I have time. Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Contact and feedback

  1. Hello,
    I am a high school student from Georgia. For my literature project on the Beat Generation, I was asked to interview an expert on the subject. I stumbled across your blog, and I would like to interview you on Kerouac and On the Road.
    Thank you,

  2. My grandfather was a prolific artist of the The Beat Generation and after he passed he left my mother his portfolio and art collection. He worked primarily in the San Francisco area from the 50’s- to the early 60’s before he passed. Although many of his contemporaries gained fame he never did, partly due to his own distaste for anything corporate or PR-related….I am wondering if you are at all interested in seeing or displaying any of his work. I think he deserves to be known as an important and genuine contributor to the Beat generation. His name was Lewey Cobell. )It is also interesting to know that he was Native American)

  3. Hello,

    I’m an italian filmmaker.
    I’m making a documentary film about beat experience in Italy.
    The movie is called “The sons of wonder- The Italian beat generation”.
    The documentary will describe how American beat generation influenced the “neorealist” Italy of the early ’60s.
    The film will narrate the experience of italian young poets and travelers.
    In the Italy of the Renaissance, of the deeply rooted Catholicism, of the gentle rolling hills, the beat generation breaks with tradition and projects this protagonists in a crazy and desperate future.
    We are trying to understand the degree of people interest about this film through the net.
    I hope that you enjoy this project.

    Here the links:




    Thank you,
    Francesco Tabarelli

  4. Hello,
    This is a great site and I shall be visiting it regularly.
    I am located in Toronto and working with a performance artist who has a multi-media show entitled The Beat Generation: Words and Music.
    We are planning to go on the road in Canada, the U.S. and abroad. I am looking for beat communities, resources, venues, websites to support this exciting work. We are also in the final stages of editing the live show and would be pleased to provide a ‘sampling’ of this work to appropriate beat audiences/resources/venues. (The website is also in development at this time.)

    The Beat Generation: Words and Music is the brainchild of John Evans – an accomplished actor/performer and backed up by a jazz quartet and with backdrop of over 200 images providing historical context and anecdotes from the beat generation years.

    John has been immersed in the works of Kerouac, Ginsberg etc. for several years and thus far, live audiences have responded with tremendous enthusiasm – from teens to people in their 80s in the audience. We believe there is a great opportunity for not only smaller clubs, theatres, jazz festivals but also colleges and literary groups.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you with any feedback and initial thoughts.
    Kind regards.

    Gaye Hardiman

    PS: John’s theatrical agent was extremely impressed when he attended a show and we anticipate his input will add to the ‘brewing pot’ of bringing the beat scene to larger audiences in the coming months/years.

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