Carolyn Cassady

Carolyn Cassady was Neal Cassady’s second wife. She was a companion to Neal for over 14 years and was at the core of the famous beat trio: Cassady, Ginsberg, and Kerouac.

Carolyn is a writer and a painter and mother. She had trouble with her husband’s philandering, but eventually tried to come to terms with it because of her love for him. After his death, she moved to London. With her children now grown, and even with grandchildren, she visits them in California and stays an active individual in the lives of her family and in the ever-present history of the beats. She wrote Off the Road in 1990, which showed her perspective of the beat generation and her involvement in it. Carolyn was “Evelyn” in Big Sur and Visions of Cody and “Camille” in On the Road

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  1. update: she died in England September 20, 2013, complications of emergency surgery. Her son (and Neal’s ) was with her.

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