Big Sur the Movie

Update: I finally watched this movie. It is still on Netflix, I think. It’s not bad at all. The characters are well-defined. The coast is beautiful. The depression Kerouac goes through at Big Sur is definitely all there. I’d give it a try.

I still haven’t seen On the Road yet. It has had a limited airing and hasn’t come near where I live.

I’m a bit more excited about Big Sur coming out this year. It was one of my favorite Keroauc books (after The Dharma Bums). Now if they’d only make that into a movie! I once heard from Gary Snyder about climbing the Matterhorn, yet have never climbed it like I once dreamed. Now I no longer live in California, either. But every time I eat a Hershey’s chocolate bar, I think of that book.

Big Sur is not only a book I enjoyed but a place I loved to visit. The movie is directed by Michael Polish and stars Jean-Marc Barr as Kerouac.

Dawn is most horrible of all with the owls suddenly calling back and forth in the misty moon haunt — And even worse than dawn is morning, the bright sun only GLARING in on my pain, making it all brighter, hotter, more maddening, more nervewracking — I even go roaming up and down the valley in the bright Sunday morning sunshine with bag under arm looking hopelessly for some spot to sleep in — As soon as I find a spot of grass by the path I realize I cant lie down there because the tourists might walk by and see me — As soon as I find a glade near the creek I realize it’s too sinister there, like Hemingway’s darker part of the swamp where ‘the fishing would be more tragic’ somehow — All the haunts and glades having certain special evil forces concentrated there and driving me away — So haunted I go wandering up and down the canyon crying with that bag under my arm: ‘What on earth’s happened to me? and how can earth be like that?’ -Jack Kerouac, Big Sur


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  1. I liked the trailer; looking forward to this very much! Now I just hope we will get to see The Dharma Bums on film…

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