Big Bridge and Howl

The old theme broke, which rarely happens, but did sometime in the last couple weeks, so I apologize for the lack of anything appearing on the front page. Hope we’re back now.

The new Big Bridge is finally out, and it looks fabulous. I could spend a year there, and still not read everything. I am actually working on the New Orleans special, which is way huger than Michael or I thought it would be. I will have it up by January and will also be helping with the next issue of Big Bridge, as well as Jack’s summer 10th-anniversary issue (which I’m now accepting submissions for).

Road Trip Summer 2009 028

Not much is new. It has been the summer of vacation, including a road trip and lots of wine, to the great vineyards of British Columbia’s interior as well as hiking in cougar lands and seeing some really neat old pictographs. Then we had a heat wave in Vancouver, so were spending a lot of time in the pool, to the point I think my hair resembles Peter Frampton’s, or maybe Cousin It’s. It has also been a summer of work, when not road-tripping around.

I have received, thanks to Jerry Aronson, The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg, which I will be watching soon. This reminds me also that I’m greatly looking forward to Howl. I love James Franco, have ever since Freaks ‘n Geeks.

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