Beer Mystic

Bart Plantenga has been publishing his Beer Mystic novel online through various literary zines. The idea is you do a thing like a pub crawl, where you visit one spot to read a chapter, then move to another spot to read the next chapter, and so on. Each time I guess you get drunker and drunker with words, meanwhile getting to visit the wide open pub/cyber/e-zine spaces and soak them up.

I asked Bart how he came up with this idea, after adding a chapter to Jack and one to Big Bridge. But don’t start there: start back at Excerpt 1 at Smoke Signals Literary Magazine.

Bart said:

The basic tale is told at Beer Mystic.

The concept is multifold: to spread the Beer Mystic far and wide and along the way drag the reader into areas, zines, styles of lit they may not have ever heard of so that the linear goes hypertextual like wandering off the well-beaten path to discover other sites, sights and voices…

I am hoping that this environmentally friendly way of crawling from pub to pub will lead to literary inebriation without all of the accompanying hangovers, jet lags, cultural prejudices and nausea…

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