A Rap Tribute to James Joyce

From Leah Paulos:

“On Bloomsday (June 16), Frank Delaney will complete the first year of his 20-some-year podcast project on ‘Ulysses’! To celebrate, he’s releasing a video of his rap tribute to James Joyce. Watch it here.

Author and former BBC broadcaster and Booker Prize judge Frank Delaney offers up a weekly podcast in which he deconstructs James Joyce’s “Ulysses” line by line, with insight, eloquence, and humor in 5-minute free episodes. The project launched on Bloomsday 2010 and is expected to last about 25 years—until every last reference in the book is unpacked. For Bloomsday 2011, Delaney will summarize Chapter 1 as well as release a video for James Joyce rap. You can listen to the Re:Joyce podcasts on Delaney’s website and iTunes.”

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