100 Thousand Poets for Change

There is a permanent link at the top of the blog, but I thought people might miss it, so wanted to include a sticky post here for a while so that you, as a poet, artist, musician, author, or anyone interested, can join in.

Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion have launched this world-wide event to take place September 24, 2011 between 11:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. The idea is for 100 thousand poets to simultaneously get together across the world doing something in their own cities that will uniquely effect change in their local habitats as well as be a great, big ‘ol celebration of the arts.

If you’re in Vancouver, BC and want to get involved, please contact me and visit our blog set up for trying to find event organizers. For more information, visit Rothenberg’s Facebook page. I’m also helping him set up a blog, and will post when it’s ready.

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